“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  ~Lao Tzu

Most people can identify an area where they could benefit from a positive life change,  so what keeps us from beginning?  Our lives consist of a continual process of beginnings, middles and endings.   Each day, week, season and year has a beginning.  Every project, relationship, change and phase of our lives has a starting point.  Some beginnings seem to be effortless while others are more challenging and some are just down right difficult.

Do you have a style when it comes to beginning something new?  Think back to your early school years, how did you begin?   Were you filled with excitement and hopeful anticipation of the year ahead or were you filled with fear, anxiety or worries of what was to come?  Or perhaps a little of both?  Did you feel confident that you could take on what was ahead or did you feel inadequate, insecure or unsure that you could handle what was in front of you?  Do you jump into the pool with reckless abandon or do you move slowly dipping your toes in to test the waters?

We have all heard the phrase “starting off on the right foot.”  The truth is we often wait to begin making positve life changes because we don’t feel ready.  Although the bind is that often times we will never feel ready especially if we are waiting for things to be “right.”  What does it mean to be ready anyway?  We often create this vague expectation for ourselves which ends up keeping us stuck.

What else gets in the way of us beginning?   Fear, overthinking (analysis paralysis), perfectionism, procrastination, lack of confidence…in other words we get in our own way.  Perhaps feeling the uncertainty that comes from not fully knowing what, when, why and how means that this is the ideal time to jump in and begin!  The quote above reminds us that any journey begins with an action…that we move closer to our goals by taking steps. Thinking about taking steps doesn’t move us towards achieving our dreams.

When we push past the blocks and obstacles and actually begin to make a positive life change, deal with a problem, start a project, or create something new it can be so empowering.  Beginning can be hard yet exhilarating, scary yet energizing especially when we open ourselves to new opportunities for personal growth.

What personal change do you want to begin?  My encouragement to you is there is no time than the present so go ahead and take that first step!  If today is the day you are ready to begin therapy and move forward with making positive life change, I’d love to hear from you!

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