Mother’s Day: Celebrating All Women

We all have one and many of us are blessed to be one, so as mother’s day approaches this weekend, I send blessings and gratitude to all women.  Being a mom is one of the most challenging gifts of my life and I know I am only as strong as the women that have come before me and the women...[ read more ]

The Time to Spring into Action….Clean out what doesn’t bless you physically, mentally & emotionally!

  Here in Johns Creek, Georgia spring is unfolding, a great time for cleaning and purging that which doesn't bless us physically, mentally, and emotionally!  The azaleas are bursting into color, the birds are singing their early morning songs, the grass and trees are shifting into their vibrant shades of green and our cars are coated with pollen!  I am so...[ read more ]

Beginnings…Obstacles to Positive Life Change

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  ~Lao Tzu Most people can identify an area where they could benefit from a positive life change,  so what keeps us from beginning?  Our lives consist of a continual process of beginnings, middles and endings.   Each day, week, season and year has a beginning.  Every project, relationship, change and phase...[ read more ]

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