Here in Johns Creek, Georgia spring is unfolding, a great time for cleaning and purging that which doesn’t bless us physically, mentally, and emotionally!  The azaleas are bursting into color, the birds are singing their early morning songs, the grass and trees are shifting into their vibrant shades of green and our cars are coated with pollen!  I am so thankful to be surrounded by this reawakening and that the heaviness and darkness of winter is disappearing. Last week during spring break we took a family road trip up the East coast and as we drove further north we slipped back into winter with the nature around us still asleep and the weather quite chilly.  It was powerful to watch the season’s transition before our eyes during the course of 24 hours.

Some of the things I most appreciate about this shift into spring are the increased daylight, warmer days and the energy it brings.  It is a great time to invest in some spring cleaning….sprucing up and purging that which doesn’t serve us.  We can do that with our clothing and household items as well as our thinking, emotions and even our behaviors!  The process of spring cleaning (taking the time to sift through our “stuff,” asking if it blesses us and if not, letting it go) is cathartic.  This is true regardless of whether it is our physical, mental or emotional possessions and I often find that they are all connected.

Cleansing and creating a new sense of order can be really therapeutic.  It is a powerful action to make space in our hearts, minds, closets and homes.  The process of releasing things that are sitting stagnant and don’t increase the quality of our lives is freeing! Creating open space in our environment can be the spark that welcomes even bigger change in our lives. The added bonus to cleaning out our closets or household items is that it feels good to send those items off to bless someone else.  There are some great charities in the area so consider endowing others in need.  Consider making a donation to:

  • The Place of Forsyth
  • North Fulton Community Charities
  • Dress for Success
  • No Longer Bound
  • Your local Goodwill

Some questions that may be helpful to ask yourself as you go through the decluttering process:

Do I need, like, or love it?

Does it fit the person I am today?  (Not a past me or a future me)

Would I miss or even notice if it was gone?

Am I keeping it out of obligation or expectation?

Am I holding on to something that’s broken?

Does this increase the quality of my life?

Where to start??   Just pick one space and begin, no analysis paralysis!  Remember it is a process which means taking one step at a time leads you down the road.  I hope you’ll join me in springing into action, cleaning out some clutter, blessing others and making space for more change to come during this season of reawakening!  If you need help purging some emotional baggage, old thinking or behaviors that are not serving you I welcome hearing from you…

Take good care,


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